The Bangalore climate, natural and man-made, aggravated my Asthma to a stage where I was being prescribed antibiotics once every two months. This was in addition to my inhaler. I used to play Tennis regularly and would consider myself moderately fit. As a   desperate measure to control my Asthma I did the “Art of living’s” four day beginner’s course which taught a few breathing techniques and some yoga. In spite of only becoming a sporadic practitioner, I haven’t had to take antibiotics, as a secondary medication, consequent to severe asthma triggered respiratory problems. It has been ten years now. I continue to depend on my inhaler.

Recently, I made another discovery. My asthma attacks, almost always, are accompanied by severe gas problems. I take a puff, belch out a lot of gas and become comfortable. Lately I have been off biscuits and store bought fried snacks (both of which I sometimes overdo) and my need for the inhaler has come down to half or less.

Would really like to know if either of these helps anyone else.