My first attack of back pain was as a fifteen year old who kept wickets for the school cricket team. This was thirty five years back and since then I have been dodging back pain. Obviously, there are many causes and what works for me may work for nobody else. However here is how I manage it.

Thirty five years back, the doctor told me that back pain is often caused by weak abdominal muscles and so strengthening those should be my way to go. Since then I have been doing two things. I have long wanted to do this daily but in reality I only do it when I sense the beginnings of back ache (now I play Tennis and spend a lot of time in front of a computer. The back does complain once in a while). So, I do my routine maybe five days a month and when I do do it, it take me less than ten minutes per day.

To alleviate pain, I lay down on a flat hard surface that is not cold in the following posture (

I bend the knee as much as I can to get the heel closer to the body. This helps the lower back touch the flat surface. I hold this posture for a while and it gives me relief.

If the pain is too much I don’t do anything more. If it is mild or if I have rested it out, I do an old fashioned abs crunch for a few days and then pain doesn’t recur for many days. I do ten reps of a variant of what is shown below: (

If you decide to try, what is shown here is a better choice than what I do because this is what experts recommend now. However, the variant I use is where I keep my legs straight and I lift myself up to a sitting position. If I am doing this when I am not completely pain free, I stretch my hand out behind my head (instead of locked behind my head) and get some momentum from my hands’ movement.

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