Sukrutham is a Malayalam film directed by HariKumar and written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair. It is the story of a celebrated writer (Ravi Sankar) suffering from cancer who is waiting for his death, as he doesn’t see any possibility of returning to life. He goes back to his village to spend the last few days in his ancestral house where he grew up.

Ravi wants his wife (Malini) to get married to their best friend (Rajendran) after he dies as he doesn’t her want to live alone for the rest of her life. Fortunately, they don’t have kids though married for 8 long years. Rajendran was deeply in love with Malini during their college days, but didn’t have the confidence to express his feelings. Malini falls in love with Ravi, who was their teacher and they eventually get married against the wishes of her family. She has been completely abandoned by her family since then and doesn’t have anyone to fall back on except Ravi and their common friends.

Ravi gets introduced to Dr.Unni by an old student, who convinces him to undergo treatment at his medical centre. Dr.Unni believes that each and every cell in the body has a mind of it’s own and these cells together can decide whether the body should live or die. So, the mind should command the cells and in turn the body not to give up. Though hesitant initially, Ravi undergoes treatment at the centre and slowly starts returning to normal life.

Ravi is delighted to come back to life but soon realises that everyone around him was waiting for him to die. Malini and Rajendran have started planning their life together; His aunt wants to give his share of property to her daughters, his cousin who was in love with him and remains as a spinster when gets married to Malini also leaves him when she gets to know that he is coming back to life. The final blow was struck when he reads his obituary in his office.

Ravi finally commits suicide conveying the message that when death comes calling, it is in it’s own way a moment to rejoice.