Meet Joe Black is an American movie about death – where death takes a human form to experience the life it normally takes away.

Media tycoon Bill Parish is about to celebrate his 65th birthday with a lavish party being planned by the family. While his eldest daughter is married, the younger one (Susan) is in a relationship with one his board of directors against the wishes of her father who advises her to look for someone more suited to her character. Susan meets a stranger in a café one day who later gets killed in a fatal car accident. Death arrives at Bill’s home in the body of this young man and makes his intentions known to Bill- He wants Bill to be his guide on earth and show him what it is like to be alive and in return he will give him more time in the mortal world. Bill agrees to the deal and introduces Death as ‘Joe Black’, an old friend to the family.

Susan starts getting attracted to Joe and they make love. Joe quite enjoys this new experience and falls in love with her as well which enrages Bill. He asks Joe not to get involved with his daughter as this was not part of the deal. However, Joe wants to take Susan with him for his own.

Meanwhile Susan’s old partner, Drew is conspiring with his business rivals to get him vote out as Chairman. Joe helps Bill to expose Drew’s dishonourable business dealings and help him regain control of the business.

Joe realises that true love involves honesty and sacrifice and he should allow Susan to live her life and gives up his plans to take her along with him. He says good bye to Susan and assures Bill that he has nothing to fear about future.