Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse is about the self discovery of the protagonist Sidhartha who goes on a spiritual journey to seek his own salvation much to the dislike of his father.

Siddhartha along with his friend, Govinda renounces all worldly comforts in the hope of spiritual illumination and meets Gowtham Buddha (referred as Gotama in the book). Though he acknowledges that Gotama’s thoughts are matchless, he doesn’t join his order claiming that a teacher can’t be of much help in his pursuit of self discovery. So, he decides to carry on his journey alone as Govinda joins Gotama’s ashram.

Siddhartha meets Kamala, a beautiful courtesan who tells him that he should become wealthy to win her affections. Siddhartha starts working with a wealthy businessman and becomes rich and learns the art of love from Kamala. However, he soon gets bored with the life he has chosen and decides to kill himself, but later changes the idea.

Siddatha  comes again in contact with the ferryman, Vasudev who had helped him cross the river earlier when he started his journey from Gotama’s ashram. He decides to live the rest of his life by the riverside as he can learn many a things from river. In his later life, he again meets Kamala along with her son and he realises that it’s his own kid. After Kamala’s death, Siddartha tries to raise the  rebellious kid, but the kid runs away from him. Siddhartha lets the boy find his own path as he himself did\ is doing.

A book on life philosophy which can be read more than once.