I play Tennis 2-3 days a week and walk a bit (and nothing else) on the rest of the days. An hour or so after Tennis, my toes would, inevitably, cramp. This had been happening for  a few years now. Happens every time. I also get a calf muscle cramp once in a few months. Both very painful. The former’s pain lasts a few minutes while the calf muscle troubles me for a few weeks (maybe it is more than a cramp).


I increased my water intake during Tennis and have not had the calf muscle cramps since I started doing this. Too early to say if this will mitigate the problem in the long run. This did not help with the toes cramping.


A few weeks back, I started drinking water with half a spoon of common salt dissolved in it. I do it after my on-court exertions. The toes have stopped cramping, almost miraculously.  Yesterday, I experimented by not drinking the saline mix. The cramping sensation returned and I abandoned the experiment in a hurry.

Wondering if this works for anyone else. I know the sports drinks do have a bit of salt in it and is supposed to prevent cramping.