The last few years have witnessed a new breed of companies like Uber, AirBnB and Google that have grown exponentially. In this amazing book, the author Salim Ali encapsulates the attributes that can enable fantastic growth. The author terms such organizations as Exponential organizations (ExOs) . An ExO bypasses linear growth and experiences exponential growth by leveraging the power of algorithms, leveraged assets and community. Thirty years ago, if you wanted to reach a billion people, you needed to be a Coca-Cola or GE, with gazillion resources and employees in one hundred countries. Today, a small entrepreneur in a non descript garage can develop an app and reach a billion people as Jan Koum and his nineteen employees at WhatsApp have demonstrated. Through extensive research, author Salim Ali decodes such exponential organizations and provides a blue-print to become one. I am aware that this book is a required reading for C level executives in several world-class organizations like Unilever because such organizations prefer to “Disrupt” rather than be “Disrupted”