The five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom follows the events that take place post death of an elderly man who works as a maintenance head in an amusement park. On his 83rd birth day, Eddie, popularly known as Eddie Maintenance, dies in a tragic accident while attempting to save a girl from a falling cart.

The first person Eddie meets is a man called ‘Blue Man’ who used to work in the same amusement park several decades back when Eddie was a child. Eddie learns from Blue Man that he was responsible for Blue Man’s death. Blue Man was trying to save Eddie and his brother, when they were chasing a baseball on the middle of the road, in front of his car which eventually led to an accident and his death- though Eddie was never aware of this during his life time.

Second Person Eddie meets is the Captain, his former commanding officer from the Army during Second World War when he was taken as prisoner along with this officer and few other soldiers. Captain informs him that he was the one who shot Eddie in the leg in order to prevent him from running back to the burning camp-which they had set on fire while escaping, to save child that Eddie thought was trapped inside. However, Captain dies soon after when he steps on a landmine while trying to get Eddie and his fellow soldiers to safety.

The third person Eddie meets is Ruby, the wife of the owner of the amusement park. She asks him to forgive his father who was an alcoholic and   physically abusive towards his wife and children. Eddie’s father died of pneumonia which Eddie thought was because he jumped into freezing water in a drunken state. However, Ruby informs him that he jumped into the water in order to save his friend- who was trying to rape Eddie’s mother and jumps into the water when Eddie’s father walks in. Eddie’s father was trying to save his friend despite his behaviour towards his wife.

Eddie then meets his wife, Margurite, who passed away several years back  after being diagnosed with  brain tumor. She tells Eddie that love never dies and even transcends death. Eddie asks her for forgiveness for not giving her a better life that she deserved, especially for ruining her chances of adopting a child.

Eddie finally meets Tala, a young Philippines girl who was killed in the fire when Eddie and fellow solders burned the camp while trying to escape from captivity. Eddie breaks down begging God for forgiveness. He realises that the purpose of his job as the maintenance head at the amusement park was to protect the children through his care for their safety and thus God was giving him the opportunity to redeem himself.