Harvard Business Review famously quoted – Data Scientist is the Sexiest job of the 21st Century. This book is easily one of the sexiest books by one of the best guys in this field of Statistics and Data Science. The author is the renowned American Statistician Nate Silver best known for his predictions of US Presidential Elections. The book is addressed to general reader and gives fascinating insights into the art and science of prediction in fields as varied as baseball, weather forecasting, earthquake prediction, economics, and Elections. Nate Silver not just explains how forecasting is done but more importantly, he is honest to admit that there is no silver bullet to “predict” with 100% accuracy. He explains how predictions go wrong due to biases, noisy data, sampling errors etc. The fact that none of the Election pundits could predict Trump’s victory is proof enough that predictions can go wrong. Recognizing this fallibility is perhaps the secret sauce of Nate Silver’s high quality predictions. Because, by recognizing them, he is able to make adjustments for the errors and thereby significantly improve the quality of his predictions.