This is a story about a seagull named Jonathan, who is an outcast, quite adventurous and has a thirst for knowledge. He eventually gets kicked out of his flock for dishonoring them and lives on his own. One day two gulls take him to heaven. While there, he learns about life and how to fly with perfection from the Great Gull, who teaches him. The Great Gull eventually dies and Jonathan is left alone and he becomes a teacher and goes back to earth and teaches the other flocks. They become amazed by his skill and they learn from him and eventually he meets Fletcher who thought he was stupid and he learned many things from Jonathan and became a teacher himself.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull could never fit in with the other seagulls. His primary goal wasn’t to fly every day in search of fishermen leftovers. He was a rebellious seagull not interested in rules. He wanted to reach the biggest speed and fly as fast as possible. He pushed his limits every day but practicing complicated twists and turns. He separated himself from the flock and became a loner.