This is a compilation of articles with Dr. P V Manoranjan Rao as the editor. ISRO is more than an Indian story, it is a story of what humans can achieve in spite of adversities. This book brings it out. The names of the contributors gives me goosebumps. Many of these were household names for me when I was growing up and continue to pop up in our conversations very often.


This is the ISRO story as seen by some key players. Just a look at the list of contributors shows where it is coming from.

A few articles

The article by Sarabhai, written in the ’60s, talks about the significance of the sounding rocket range in Kerala. TERLS (Thumba) and he talks about Mars and Venus in the ’60s. Hats off.

The article by M G K Menon  talks about ISRO after Sarabhai. Respect and so deserved.

Yashpal talks about romance of the Indian space program.

Kalam talks about India’s first launch vehicle.

I can go on and on. Being a SHAR kid (well, a kid at heart even now), there are so many people I want to talk about but then, that is what the books is about.



Let me list out the names of contributors (from the book) and maybe some of you will feel the connect too.

Jacques Blamont
Vikram A. Sarabhai
M.G.K. Menon
E.V. Chitnis
Yash Pal
Satish Dhawan
R. Aravamudan
P.V. Manoranjan Rao
S.C. Gupta
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
N. Narayanamoorthy
R.V. Perumal
S. Ramakrishnan
V.N. Krishnamurthy
Vasant R. Gowariker
A.E. Muthunayagam
N. Vedachalam
U.R. Rao
R.M. Vasagam
Pramod Kale
S. Kalyana Raman
P.S. Goel
George Joseph
K. Narayana
S.K. Shivakumar
V. Jayaraman
P.R. Pisharoty
M.S. Swaminathan
Ranganath Navalgund
Shailesh Nayak
Mukund Kadursrinivas Rao
Arnold W. Frutkin
B.S. Bhatia
N. Prahlad Rao
Suresh V. Kibe
K.R. Sridhara Murthi
M.N. Sathyanarayan
M.Y.S. Prasad
M. Annadurai
V. Adimurthy
J.N. Goswami
B.N. Suresh
A.S. Kiran Kumar
S. Arunan
V. Narayanan
S. Somanath
S. Unnikrishnan Nair
K. Kasturirangan
G. Madhavan Nair
K. Radhakrishnan

This is not a book to be read at one go. It is a collection of articles to be savored.

What I see in it

Even more than the personal connect (I grew up an ISRO/SHAR kid) it is the history that comes out. Though filled with positives (and easy on the negatives), it gives one a lot of insights into what makes ISRO tick.