The Village By The Sea is a novel for pre-teens and teens by Anita Desai. It is a book about the struggles of a poverty-struck family based in the village of Thul on the coast of.  Lila, the oldest daughter and her younger brother Hari are trying to make ends while their younger sisters Bela and Kamal go to school. their mother is severely ill, and their father is permanently drunk. hari soon gets fed up and runs away to Mumbai. This book is truly heartwarming and and is sure to leave you in tears. be ready for some eye-opening towards poverty, charity, family virtues, rural life,simplicity, and mostly, the true value of money. Your behaviour towards the poor and needy will surely change after you read this book. this book truly deserves all its awards, and is a must read. The Village By The Sea is a masterpiece of Indian  writing about Indian life.