About two years ago I was hit with a horrible asthma attack. It was a terrible experience and I hated it. After that I used to get attacks every week. We went to a few doctors but the medicines did  not help for long. So this went on for a few weeks when in the end my parents enrolled me for an Art of living yoga course.

Now yoga was the real gamechanger, I had to practice the sequence I was taught every day but it was totally worth it. Then in some time my asthma attack frequency decreased to about once a month. In time it reduced further and further. Then it stopped completely but this was after one and a half years of practice. After a while I became lazy and stopped yoga.

I lived an asthma – free life for about six months then I had a small attack. Then two months later I had another small attack. Now I have had to restart yoga.

So, I learnt that yoga was obviously the cause of my physical well being. Thus, if have an asthma problem, do try to get some relief through Yoga exercises related to breathing. Maybe, it will help you too.