Since i live in Joint family I use to get lot of tips on home remedy from my grand mother and mother especially. I use to find it very effective .Mom use to tell if we have balanced traditional Indian food we can overcome lot of diseases in advance and i intend to share another remedy for today

Manathakkali  ( Tamil) Leaves and Fruits for Mouth ulcer and Stomach ulcer.

The botanical name is Solanum nigrum and the English name is ‘Black night shade’, Sun berry or ‘wonder berry’. The tamil name is Manathakkali keerai. The small dark fruit which the plant bears is really good to taste and has immense medicinal value. Gravies and vathals are made with the unripe fruits but it is the ripe fruits which are very tasty to eat.The leaves have high medicinal value and are a very good source for the removal and cure of stomach and mouth ulcers and also any indigestion problems. The tiny berries turn from green to dark black and it has a shiny coat which glistens.These berries taste bland, they are neither sweet nor sour, but what they lack in taste they make up in nutrient content.

Nutritional value of Manathakkali keerai and its berries-
The minerals present in black nightshade are niacin, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Vitamin C is the only mineral that is present in high quantity.  The energy value is 68 and it has 82.1% moisture.Fat     -1.0 g       calories -68, water 82.1 g, protein – 5.9g,     minerals – 2.1g sugar – 8.9g, calcium – 410 mg, phosphorus – 70mg, Iron -20.5 mg, Vit C- 11 mg      ( The ingredients were taken from Authentic Ayurvedic book for the Next Gen who wants to understand the details. We use to take with out asking any questions when Mom or Grand mom says J  )

There are multiple ways you can use it

  1. As told earlier Take Two three leaves, Crush in hand and chew for some time and eat it in empty stomach
  2. Take some leaves add little boiled and cool milk , Grid it in Mixie and filer and take the juice in empty stomach for a wee ( 4 to 5 Spoons only)
  3. Take the leaves and you can make curry and eat that as a dish once in a week as part of your side dish. The leaves give strength to muscles and improve vision.It is the best medicine for headache and skin infections. The highlight of  manathakkali uses is to reduce  urinary infections. Manathakkali keerai is the best medicine for constipation.
  4. The fruits can be directly consumed and helps to remove constipation

it is easily available in the market (approximately  RS 10 per bundle this season)  and you can also get the greens from street spinach vendors.  You can easily grow the same in your garden.