A remedy for sore throat that works for me

I have tried this simple remedy which works great. When you have some itching in throat you are likely to get a soar throat for sure. So let us do some simple preparation before it becomes serious

Take 1/4 Glass of Milk, Add Little Turmaric Powder ( 1/8 Small Spoon) and very little Crushed pepper or pepper powder .add some Palm Sugar ( little). Allow the milk to boil. Filter the milk and take 1/4 glass before going to bed and 1/4 glass in empty stomach in the morning. Please note that that the milk has to be warm. Repeat with fresh milk every time for 5 days. Pretty effective. Simple remedy before the problem becomes big. If you are diabetic person don’t add Palm sugar.

Here is another suggestion:

തോണ്ടായടപ്പ്. Remedy for sore throat