“And that’s sex”

(That is a quote from the image of the page pasted below) This book talks about ten break out inventions of evolution. One of them is Sex 🙂 It also talks about the Origin of life, DNA, Sight and Death among others. Here is a page. You can open it in a new page and zoom in.

I have been reading bits and pieces of how life is now believed to have evolved in underwater volcanic vents (Bill Bryson’s – A brief history of nearly everything) and how life out there does not “breathe Oxygen”. Place peopled by 8 feet long tubeworms with no digestive tracts, amongst other odd dudes. This book gave good insight.

Also talked about Mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) and how they (per current scientific belief) were independent bacteria once upon a time. How they have genes of their own. And how they some how got embedded in other single celled life and magic happened.

Good read folks, especially if you like stuff like this.

That's sex
The ten great inventions of Evolution