Indian metros and the metro maps we use

The Kochi metro in Kerala and Bangalore metro virtually coming to my backyard in South Bangalore made me look through the book “London Underground: A Cultural Geography” by David Ashford. Found this interesting factoid about the metro map. Apparently a historian calls it the best British art produced between the two world wars!!

The metro maps came to India via the Calcutta metro. Come to think of it, there is another bit of history that is interesting. Calcutta built India’s first metro but is hardly talked about with the Delhi metro having become some kind of a prime example.

Harry Beck’s metro map

Harry Beck invented the map and I found reading about it and the abstraction it achieves fascinating.

A page London Underground

Here is a page I copied from the book.

Metro map
About the London Underground and its mapping.

Here is a bit more about the book:

And here is Harry Beck’s map and is copied from the book:

The original Metro map in the form that it is used now.