Curious to know how many of my friends have watched this movie. One can say this is a movie about youthful angst, set in the context of college and hostel life.

Some 25+ years back, I chanced upon it at a film festival at Kalabhavan. One of those festivals where no one cared if you walked in and watched what was being shown. Maybe, it was the times. Today, if someone talks about this movie, it would be talked about as an Arundhati Roy movie or, maybe a clever seller would sell it as an SRK movie.

Viva scene

I watched this movie when I had just completed my B.Tech and my four years at RP Hall. So, it was not surprising that the life depicted in the movie felt like a brilliant capture of the world that I had left behind. The angst, the rough and tumble comraderies, the TEACHERS in all caps (being a teacher now, I don’t know how to say it better but you could watch the movie), the cool folks who have everything going for them, seemingly, and the wannabes looking in from the outside. It also has a caricature of an African student with a, PK like, yellow helmet. It closes with a sneak peek into the careers that resulted and this has the familiar ring of real life.

This movie revolves around Architecture students in their final year. Since the Archies always had a few things going that the rest of us didn’t, the movie does leave one feeling a bit deprived. However, the classic rock that is liberally used in the background sounds so enchantingly familiar that the right synapses of mine, fired in gay abandon. Even today, when I watched the movie again, it took me back to RP hall, the winters of Bengal and pang of parting after four years of carving out a small world for ourselves.

Of course, Arundhati Roy is a red button today. Those who hate her could probably get a better handle on what they hate by watching a few minutes of this DD movie. The genesis of what she says today can be seen in the, rather commonplace, angst that is displayed in the later parts of the movie. For those who find resonance with some of the stuff she writes (I have only read 1. God of .. 2. Things that can and cannot be said and 3. Shape of the beast), the movie provides a contrasting and partially formed, style of expression.

And, of course if you are in it for SRK, you shouldn’t blink.

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