Tremors in the hand

Anyone who has tremors in the hand knows how difficult it is to do what the child is doing in the picture. My problem was that the tremors were increasing with age and would get worse when

Hand tremor
Hand tremor

others were observing. The most miserable feeling was when I had to sign something in public. Something as simple as a cheque.

A chance encounter with a doctor

A doctor, who is also a friend, suggested a simple exercise that helped me tremendously. I can sign documents in public and I can hold a glass without spilling the contents. The tremors have decreased greatly but have not disappeared.

The exercise

The exercise was to mimic the motions of a spider crawling using a grill of some sort. I do this on our window grills. I do the crawling up, using all the fingers, and crawling down. I do this with both hands and spend about five minutes a day doing this.

If anyone has a similar problem, I suggest you try this for two weeks and stop if you don’t see an improvement.