Treating corns by getting fishes eat them away

This is something I found a bit hard to “digest” when I first heard of it. I was told that in some places, people get rid of corns by getting fishes eat them away.

Treating corns in traditional fish "spa"
Fishes nibbling away
The source of information

I had developed a corn on my feet and got rid of it using a herbal preparation: While doing this, I met a lady from near Shimoga. She is among those people who migrated to Bangalore when repeated droughts made them loose their livelihoods in their hometowns.

She told us that in their village, if someone developed a corn, they would got the village pond and immerse the body part where the corn was in the water. Eventually, fishes nibble away the corn and one gets rid of it. Hard to digest, eh? Wonder if any of you have heard of this practice.

The trial to eliminate  persistent corns

I mentioned this to a friend (who doesn’t want his name mentioned). He vacationed at a resort on the banks of the Kallar ( )  jungle stream and tried this out. He scratched out the corn a bit, breaking the skin, and spent a lot o quality time in the stream. Apparently, the fishes did nibble at the corn and the corn did disappear. Been a few months now and it has not returned.

Sounds a bit too good to be true to me and wish I could get more confirmation. Have any of you heard/tried something like this?

The image on this page was shared by him.

By the way, here is something that made it all a little less unbelievable: