My discovery of Acupressure.

Ever wondered about Acupressure? I was told that there are many points on my body that are easily accessible, and that pressing these would cause an exquisite kind of pain. I tried it and found it to be true. I was a bit amazed to discover that there are so many points on one’s body, where a press causes a sharp pain. These points are quite localized, easy to find, and present in so many easily accessible locations on the body surface. If you haven’t consciously discovered these, you might be as surprised as me.

What I was seeking

Many of my forays into alternate medicine and therapies, have been to manage asthma. I encountered acupressure as the part of the same journey.  Just for the record, I manage my asthma with a mix of things and, I believe, these help me quite a bit. However, my search for a “cure” continues (I define cure as not having to use corticosteroids).

Acupressure, Asthma, GERD and I

My Asthma symptoms are almost always accompanied by a bloated feeling in the abdomen. The first thing that happens when I use a prescribed inhaler is that I burp out a fair amount of gas. I spoke about this to my brother and he suggested I try out a bit of acupressure for gas. He had learned this technique during a few classes he attended at Trivandrum.

He showed me a couple of acupressure points. Pressing these points causes a sharp pain and one belches. You can try it yourself, right away. I am not sure if the belching works for everyone, but the totally unexpected pain, I think, can be experienced.

An acupressure point you can locate easily

The picture shows an acupressure point in the wedge on one’s hand, between the thumb and the index finger. One might have to search a bit to find the point. When one presses the point the sharp pain will be felt and this is different from the neighboring areas.


Acupressure point


Please try and notice that there is one point in the region that feels different from the surroundings. For my part, I can sense the pain and I burp whenever I press this spot.

Asthma and gas
Helps with asthma and gas.

If this is new information for you and you decide to try it out, please post a comment on whether it worked for you.

Other Acupressure points

Since one point seemed to work, I have looked for other points. The link below shows many such points.

The points I have referred to are L10 (page 4) and LU10 (page 5).

I have tried a few points and seen that these points are different and the sharp pain is real (where I have tried). I don’t know about anything else and am hoping some folks with firsthand experience will share how things went for them.

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