Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency.

A discussion on Vitamin D deficiency deserves a doctor to be doing the talking. I am not one. However, when five people I know very well, people I interact face to face with on a regular basis, showed up with depleted Vitamin D levels, I feel qualified enough to flag a concern.

Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is essential for proper Calcium absorption in the body and hence healthy bones. More information in the links provided in this article. Here is a statement from:

“Your body makes it from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to sunlight”.

Deficiency seems to also show up as tiredness and a general feeling of listlessness. Of course, many things can cause this. Anyway, if this is of interest, one can easily gather more info from credible sources on the web.

Anecdotal backdrop from my perspective

The symptoms that led my friends to get their Vitamin D levels checked were varied. The first was the most severe case. This friend used to work near Muscat. One would have thought he would get enough Sun out there. Unfortunately, today lifestyle choices can over ride the desert Sun. He had to quit his job and return to India because of joint pains which aggravated to a point where he could not do many simple tasks. He was on the verge of a risky surgery when a doctor’s long shot suggestion to test for Vitamin D, showed severely lowered levels of Vitamin D. Medication and life style care helped not only avoid the surgery but also mitigated the malice to a great extent.

The second case I know of is someone who felt the hand strength decreasing, and the doctor asked for a blood test to check the Vitamin D levels. The other three cases were fairly young folks and had no dramatic symptoms except, maybe, tiredness. Routine blood work showed fairly low Vitamin D levels.


Well, that is all this post is about. Just a caution that my anecdotal experience makes me wonder how prevalent Vitamin D deficiency is becoming, amongst us.

My defense. My puny defense

I do a few simple things, besides hoping that everything is fine with me. While waiting for a bus or walking on the streets, I try to catch as much Sun as possible. After I got hear of the last two cases, I have decided to avoid full sleeved shirts. Finally, instead of trying to avoid Sun when I play Tennis, I am now trying to ensure that I get some Sun. Not easy to do in Bangalore.

These days, when I see the way many young desk bound professionals in India, cover themselves to avoid the dust and smoke, I cringe. Of course the older professionals drive their own cars and then, I no longer see them.

Useful links

Here is a good link for some preliminary medical information:

Here is a link to our very own Surya Namaskaram. Guess the folks who evolved this practice didn’t need blood work to show that humans needed to get some Sun on the skin.

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