My chronic back pain.

The recommender had been dealing with a chronic back pain problem for many years. Nothing drastic but frequently bad enough to need hours of rest. He had tried many remedies but nothing offered lasting relief.

What worked

An elderly family friend suggested a home remedy that helped a lot. The preparation was as follows. Tender leaves of the Karunochi plant are sliced into small pieces and mixed with rice powder. Some water is added to this and the mixture is kneaded. Small portions of this dough are flattened into some 2-3 mm thick (called ada in Malayalam kinda like thick chapatis) shapes and then cooked on a pan with no oil. Eating this for a few days helped me control my back pain.

………. Scribed by Joy based on a conversation with Jayashankar and the following note from him.

കരുനോച്ചിയുടെ  തളിരില ചെറുതായിനുറുക്കി  അരിമാവുമായി കുഴച്ച് അട ചുട്ട്  കഴിക്കുക

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