A yummy way to mitigate sneezing bouts.

This is the traditional version of the chicken soup. The recommender says that chicken soup is a sure fire way for him to overcome bad bouts of sneezing.

The ingredients

Jayashankar says that this does the trick for him only if the soup is made using farm brown chicken. Broiler chicken doesn’t help. He says that the soup should not have onions. The ingredients that he uses are: black pepper, ginger, curry leaves, cinnamon bark, cloves and cardamon. These are popularly used spices in his part of the world (Kerala) and many of them are believed to have multiple medicinal values.

………. Scribed by Joy based on a conversation with Jayashankar and the following note from him.

നടന്‍ കോഴി കറിസൂപ് വച്ച് കഴിക്കുക(ഉള്ളിഒന്നും പാടില്ല)

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