Remedies that mitigate respiratory problems like Asthma, Wheezing and cough.

The recommender is nearly eighty years old. He describes a couple of things that has helped him manage Asthma and the accompanying wheeze and cough. Absolutely tried and tested for him.

The interesting thing about these remedies is that versions of these, maybe even differing combinations, seem to have helped different people. Some of these have popped up elsewhere on Recoplace.

First remedy

The recommender dries black pepper, ginger leaves and thippali (long pepper) and powders them. He mixes 5 gms of this powder in honey and consumes it after breakfast. This gives him a lot of relief and normally he doesn’t need any other medication.

Second remedy

He also gets relief by drinking a glass of milk with 5 gms of turmeric powder mixed in it. He drinks this before consuming anything else in the morning.


………. Based on an interview with Pushkaran Master by Sachin.  Scribed by Joy. Here are details captured by Pushkaran Master.

1.കുരുമുളക് ,ചുക്കില്ല തിപ്പല്ലി എന്നിവ ഉണക്കി പൊറിച്ച് 5gm വീതം കാലത്ത് ആഹാരത്തിനു ശേഷം തേനിൽ ചേർത്ത് കഴിക്കുക..

2.മഞ്ഞൾ നനായി പൊറിച്ച് 5gm വീതം പാലിൽ ചേർത്ത്  രാവിലെ ആഹാരത്തിനു മുൻപ് കഴിക്കുക

ഇത് എല്ലാവരും ഉപയോഗിച്ച് നോക്കുക …

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