Eye Stye and a remedy that works perfectly for me
This concerns styes which people occasionally get in their eye. Standard treatment I understand is hot compress, antibiotic ointment and in stubborn cases, lancing & draining. And it is not uncommon that while one is healing, another stye appears in the same or the other eye.
Using Rose water to eliminate the Eye Stye
There is however a dramatically better treatment, personally experienced by me. All you need is to drop rose water (good clean quality like Dabur) in the affected eye (and the other eye too as preventive) a few times a day. The stye simply SHRINKS FROM INSIDE without forming pus, and no new stye appears in either eye. This is a simple to apply, safe, no side effects treatment that even a villager can self-use and costs next to nothing.
Hope the above is useful to some people.
Note: This recommendation was initially shared via an email.
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