An Entrepreneur and Innovator’s perspective

I was invited to a give a talk at the Institution of Engineers – Trivandrum. I spoke about my perspective on being an entrepreneur and innovator in India. Since my journey as an entrepreneur began in Trivandrum, it was personal.

It was an interesting gathering because many in the audience were retired engineers. The perspectives they brought in was an eye opener. I spoke about Stanford and there was someone, (a Gandhian who was an Engineer and who did his PhD from Berkeley in 1970 or so), who insisted that I was not giving the other Californian colleges their due. I spoke about how ISRO didn’t lose too much manpower to the IT industry and I had a retd. Chief Engineer from ISRO giving me a little smile. I spoke about how I felt setting up incubation centers in Engineering colleges didn’t qualify as a replication of the  Stanford – Silicon Valley dance, and I had a University Vice Chancellor expressing a strong opinion. I also snuck in my admiration for Xerox Parc and some of the youngsters gave me the interested “hmmm” look.

Here is the overview of my talk and the slide deck I used. Putting it up here in an attempt to see if Recoplace can double up as Slideshare also.

Overview of the talk

Today, there is a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation the world over. India also considers these as being vitally important. With this as the backdrop, this talk will examine some of the factors that contributed to making the Silicon Valley such a powerhouse of innovation and entrepreneurship. It will also discuss some of the factors that have helped the Indian IT industry become the leader in the modern phenomenon of large scale outsourcing of so many different activities.
In the second part, the talk will touch upon some of the challenges Indian entrepreneurs and innovators face. This is based on insights from different entrepreneurs. It will discuss some of the institutional support that is available and the gaps that remain. Finally, the speaker will be bring in a personal perspective from his eleven years as an entrepreneur in Trivandrum, his involvement with the attempts to spur innovation in different companies and his ongoing effort to generate interest in some unique IP.

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