Recoplace believes we would benefit if we could discover what people we know, recommend. A special kind of discovery that motivates Recoplace is remedies. Someone, accidentally, discovers a simple diet change that decreases the need for inhaled corticosteroids to manage Asthma. Somebody else swears by a simple exercise that eliminates chronic back pain. Someone discovers an age old practice to manage stomach upsets. An active person, in his retirement, is told a simple exercise that helps him eliminate tremors in the hand. Each of us has our collection of little anecdotal miracles of this kind. We also hear people say “I wish had discovered this fifteen years back”. Stories like this, along with a belief that “very few remedies work for everyone but when one stumbles upon something that works, it works like magic” is what motivates Recoplace. It tries to help people, who might benefit from other people’s discoveries, get to hear about them. We believe that if a recommendation is from someone we know, not only will it be more credible, the motivation to follow it will also be greater.
Friends’ recommendations related to health are wonderful but, those are not the only recommendations we target. Very often, some of the best thing (like say a book) we have found, have been recommended by someone. Recoplace tries to cajole more such high quality recommendations.


We intend Recoplace to be a safe, simple, curated and content-rich site. Our members’ recommendations, made in this spirit, are greatly valued. To ensure that this value gets the prominence it deserves, we do two things. Firstly, we remove spurious content. Secondly, we supplement recommendations provided by our members, with more information and tags if required.


One approach to helping members discover useful things is to make finer categorizations and to try to use machine intelligence to divine what could match a user’s interest. For now, we aren’t going down this path. The belief we are operating under is that our real world connections can help us discover things we did not even know we would like. Recoplace will help make this happen.
The photograph on this page is by Late Mr. V S Asokan.